°LovSu° explained…

°LovSu° is Matt Lovett and Neil Sutherland. We are a specialist marketing/media/production agency based in downtown Los Angeles, California, where we can take advantage of a uniquely skilled and diverse local talent pool.

Matt Lovett

Director of Content: Matt writes. A lot. A wordsmith and musician, he is a master of compelling content.

Neil Sutherland

Director of Technology: Neil sculpts. Real or virtual, he is a master of manifestation.

What °LovSu° offers

°LovSu° evolved to provide a full marketing solution to coherently promote you into the public consciousness. We exist to manage public perception to grow awareness of, and interest in, you. We work with you as your satellite marketing department and apply state-of-the-art technologies and bleeding-edge insights to offer a complete solution to managing your presence that is designed to maximize connection with your target audience.

Where °LovSu° differs

°LovSu° manages clients with the aim of developing culturally significant identities. We are highly selective in our client acquisition process, but if you are intrigued by us, and believe you will interest us, contact us to expand your horizon.

…we make Legends